This is a medical transcription help or resource site for medical transcriptionists. This website offers medical transcriptionists or medical language specialists resources – specifically transcribed medical transcription sample reports or example reports and/or common medical transcription words and phrases encountered in various sections that form part of a medical report such as physical examination, review of systems, laboratory data, etc.

All the medical transcription sample reports you would find in here have been proofread and edited. It is advisable though that you crosscheck with other reference sources as well, especially when there are variations in capitalization, format, template or style variations unique to the client.

Do note that the sample reports on this site have been provided for reference purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This site would be updated often with new samples/resources, so do check back often for new updates/additions.

Finally, do note that all personally identifiable information has been changed/removed from the sample reports on this site, such as doctor names, patient names, dates, etc. This of course has been done to protect patient privacy.

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